InstantPot old power connector design

The hardware design of Instant Pot has matured for many years. Millions of electric pressure cookers of the same design are in use worldwide. However, our design team have been working on improvement to safety and performance for the last 6 months. I’d like to mention two most notable hardware enhancements.

Safety First


InstantPot new power connector design

The original power cable connector has a flat surface, see image on right. Liquid could drip from the lid or water collector along the cooker housing wall into the connector, which could become a power short-circuit hazard. Although none of such incident happened, our design team added a shield to redirect water away from the connector. This shield protect the power connector from any spilling water. See the new design in the picture on right.

Better Steam Release


InstantPot new steam release with silicone rubber cone, see the red circle.

The original steam release has a metal cone inside to seal over the steam release pipe on the lid. Metal on metal doesn’t always create a tight seal. There were reports of steam constantly leaking from the steam release. Although the defect rate is very low, at about 0.6%, our design team believed that they can resolve the problem once for all. The solution is to use a silicone rubber cone in the steam release. The silicone rubber cone creates a tight seal over the steam release pipe. This design was shipped with the last container load of Instant Pot IP-CSG60 and we haven’t had any report of leaky steam release.

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  1. Elaine
    Elaine says:

    I am really upset and ? this morning. I went out and purchased your instant pot Lux. I Had plans for dinner with friends. I Opened the package there is no condensation cup!!! I know return it for another.. I don’t feel like going back to the store to return anything. But I guess I’ll have to so I can get a refund. Your company should make sure all equipment is added. My Daughter purchased this no complaints so I thought I would invite friends over so we all could check it out together. Thanks for ruining my dinner plans not having all equipment in box. I know I am not the first to complain about missing pieces from the ratings I have read. Thank you ?

    • Instant Pot
      Instant Pot says:

      Hi Elaine,

      We are sorry to hear you are upset and your dinner plans were postponed.

      There is no need to return your Lux because the Lux does not have a condensation cup as it is not a crucial part for the unit to function. The condensation cup is for collecting excess moisture after removing the lid.

      Typically, all parts are in the box. In the rare case, something is missing, we apologize the part is missing and we are happy to send out the missing part as soon as we are notified.

  2. Dana Duran
    Dana Duran says:

    I just purchased a lux 6 in 1 and steam shoots out of the valve the whole time. I removed the valve and it doesn’t have those 2 metal prongs on the sides. Has that changed too or do I need to replace? Thank you

    • Chris Wrinn
      Chris Wrinn says:

      Hi Dana,

      Please ensure the steam release is in the sealing position. If it is, please reach out to our technical support team.


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