Omni Plus Multi-Use Toaster Oven

26 L

The Instant™ Omni™ Plus Toaster Oven is perfect for home cooks who want fast, nutritious, easy meals every day—at the touch of a button. The large 26 litre capacity gives you lots of space to do lots of things: air fry, slow cook, dehydrate, roast, bake broil, reheat, proof, convection cook, rotisserie cook – and of course toast — all the food you need to feed your family and your friends.

High performance heating with Golden Quartz technology and dual top and bottom heating elements ensures crispy, golden results every time. With a variety of one-touch cooking options there’s no need to calculate temperature, weight or time. Just select one of the 11 Smart Programs and press start.

However, for you foodies out there, the Omni Plus Toaster Oven provides the flexibility to adjust settings to customize your culinary experience. With Smart technology for your smart kitchen, you can go from simple reheat to skilled culinary expertise with cooking temperatures that range from room to 450°F.

The Omni Plus is so much more than just a toaster oven, it even comes with all the accessories you need for rotisserie cooking. The high performance convection oven, along with the rotisserie function, delivers juicy, delicious rotisserie dishes.