20 Cup

The Instant™ Zest™ Rice and Grain Cooker with large 20-cup capacity and 8 Smart Programs makes cooking your favorite rice and grains super-fast and simple with the press of a button.

In addition to the Smart Program presets for white and brown rice, mixed grains, quinoa and oatmeal, you can cook any type of rice and grain fast and to fluffy perfection — from millet, farro and freekeh, to polenta, barley, rice pudding and more. Even hearty grains like spelt and wheat berries, which typically require lots of cooking time. 

More than just a rice cooker, the Instant Zest quickly steam veggies, fish, dumplings, tamales, cabbages, wontons and more with ease. Doubles as a family-size warmer for foods of all kinds. Bright, bold display and status indicators let you know exactly where your food is in the cooking process.

The Instant Zest 20 Cup Rice and Grain Cooker, with one-touch simplicity and ease, is right-sized for busy cooks and families on the go.